For starters, SAP HANA is short for High-Performance Analytic Appliance. SAP HANA has created a revolution in how the SAP database and applications perform.

SAP has launched its flagship product HANA to foster simplified and inexpensive IT architectures enabling unprecedented speeds of data operations in real-time. Architects of SAP HANA product have realized that there is very little difference between OLAP and OLTP in terms of their operation cycles of data. Hence SAP HANA has been optimized for both transactional and reporting purposes. In addition, SAP HANA is also capable of processing massive amounts of data in real time to support Big Data applications. SAP HANA will enable SAP customers to simplify their technology stack, dramatically reducing multiple layers of hardware and software complexity and making user experience simpler.

We have an interesting solution that focuses primarily on the mid-market. We have composed a “whole product solution” that is unique in the marketplace and designed to meet the needs of mid-market customers who are looking for high performing solutions that are also affordable and secure. We have teamed up with some hardware vendors and cloud providers to offer a set of pre-configured, end to end solutions with a very compelling value proposition for customers including Software, Private Cloud Hosting, Implementation and Migration Services, Support, and Project Financing including OPEX options. This consortium approach brings synergies from all of the partners together and translates to savings and convenience for the customer. For customers who just are not ready to move their deployments to a private cloud, in-house deployments of SAP HANA and other SAP installations are also available.

Advantages of our solution:

There are a set of advantages in our offering that should pave the road for mid-market companies to take the leap and move forward with an SAP HANA deployment.

The advantages include:

Financing:  Wherever the customers need some financial help on SAP HANA implementation, 3V Solutions’ consortium offers a series of financing options which should ease out SPA HANA adoption


HANA Services – Cloud and On-Premise:

  • “One-Stop-Shop” (There are very few reliable, comprehensive service providers for the mid-market.)
  • Standardized Hardware and Cloud Hosting
  • World Class Cloud Security and scalability
  • Standard offerings versus everything being customized
  • Fixed price implementations to control costs
  • Effective On-shore / Offshore models that enable price reductions
  • Reliable Support services at affordable prices
  • Big Data Readiness – we are a ‘Big Data Ready’ solution provider
  • Strong standardized predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Services Overview
  • SAP HANA Strategy, Roadmap, Assessment and Planning
  • Upgrade and OS / DB Migrations across versions
  • Business continuity and support at affordable costs
  • SAP HANA Installation, Migrations, Modeling, and Tuning
  • Upgrade, Installation, Configuration, System readiness
  • Data Schema Modelling and optimization
  • Setup of SLT, various SAP and non-SAP source configuration
  • Blue prints and Detailed design about Attribute, analytical, calculation views
  • SAP HANA Real Time Analytics
  • Data Modeling and Transformation
  • Integration with both SAP and non-SAP Data sources, using SLT etc.
  • Integration with various reporting tools like Lumira, Excel and BOBJ Suite
  • SAP HANA Predictive Analytics
  • Design and execution of detailed Data Modeling and Transformation
  • Integration with both SAP and non-SAP Data sources, using SLT and BO-DS
  • R and SaS integration for Predictive Modeling on SAP HANA
  • Integration with various reporting tools like Lumira, Excel and BOBJ Suite.
  • Special Tools
  •  SAP HANA Live implementation
  • S4HANA newer components like Simple Finance and Simple Manufacturing
  • SAP HANA dynamic-tiering
    • SAP Fiori – SAP User Experience
  • User experience has grown to be a critical proponent on brand loyalty and ultimately business growth.   Invage Systems provides services for SAP user experience (SAP UX) transformation platform which uses SAP Fiori interface and SAP Screen Personas to provide users a simple and intuitive user experience.
  • Interfaces based on modern, responsive design principles help users become highly productive by completing transactions and making decisions more accurately, easily, and quickly.
  • Unleash the power of responsive design for exemplary SAP user productivity
  • SAP Fiori completely reimagines the SAP user experience using responsive design to make it consistent across devices and deployment options.  With the role-based design, users get only the data and transactions they need before them. Combined with transactional, analytical and factsheet applications, SAP Fiori helps users reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.


  • SAP Screen Personas enable users to personalize SAP GUI screens without back-end programming. It provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality for modifying common screens to create an amazingly simplified user experience. With SAP Screen Personas, you can simplify complex screens, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce costs by eliminating the need of coding for personalization.
  •       Deploy fast-time –to-value, simple, clear priced, Invage RDS solution for Fiori
  • Invage systems provides full implementation services for SAP Fiori including customization of  your existing Fiori apps, and building new custom apps. We ensure compliance with security policies and deploy apps to your preferred enterprise app stores. Ready to use apps are also a part of our user experience services portfolio and we provide them for a number of functional areas. Invages portfolio of services also includes rapid deployment solutions for SAP HANA and non-SAP HANA environments.
  • Get more than what you think from SAP UX with services from Invage Systems
  • Invage Suystems ensures that you derive maximum value from your SAP initiatives.
  • A multilevel, global SAP partner
  • More than 2600 SAP consultants
  • Unmatched domain and technical expertise
  • Uniquely flexible, agile, and nimble approach