Big Data

Big Data Advisory & Strategy If you are considering the role of Big Data in your company and need advice you can trust, we offer a variety of independent ‘getting ready’ services including:

Big Data Project Orientations & Visualization
Half-day, full-day, and multi-day presentations and working group sessions: We will custom design these sessions with your input to provide the decision makers and stakeholders the level of detailed understanding they need to move to the next step. These can be high level or can focus on a particular process, project, or capability as you direct.

Readiness Assessment and Planning & Visualization
If you have a specific project in mind but need to bring your team up to speed and build a project plan, we will design and execute an assessment project that typically runs from one to several weeks. Depending on your needs, the deliverable can be an appropriately detailed implementation plan focusing on the business objectives, the skills and capabilities required to achieve them, and the technology and business process gaps that must be addressed before moving forward. We can prepare these either working with your project team’s active involvement in the plan or we can conduct this as a more self-contained study with less employee involvement. Readiness Assessments can answer the question of do you really need a Big Data solution, which combination of Big Data technologies is most likely to fill your needs, and what is the roadmap from the final business objective (increased sales, stop fraud, reduce churn, etc.) back through the required predictive analytics to the data and how it is to be collected, stored, and extracted. These findings can also be the basis for updating your IT Strategic Plan.

Big Data Implementations

Full Big Data Technology Implementation & Visualization
Based on your requirements, our experienced team can implement any of the leading NoSQL big data systems and the associated systems necessary to extract and analyze the data. We are also equipped and experienced in setting up cloud based HDFS farms which avoid the capital expenditure for expanding your data store. You may also wish to discuss with us hybrid solutions that utilize your existing capacity first and add cloud-based servers if your needs expand beyond internal capacity. This approach is particular useful when first getting started when the full scope of data storage requirements may not be well known, and is also useful in many research environments where individual research projects with limited lifetimes may add unexpected volume to the system.

  • Proof of Concept Projects & Visualization
    Some adopters have found it valuable to begin their technology involvement with a Big Data Proof of Concept Project. These typically have a narrow or even single business focus and are structured to both show benefit and to reveal the business and technology challenges that will be experienced in a full scale implementation. This is good training and experience for in-house staff and represents a limited-cost, limited-risk demonstration that can frequently be achieved either within the limits of your current hardware capability or through cloud-based capacity rental programs such as Amazon’s.
    Invage Systems maintains an extensive network of independent contractors and consultants that can fill the gaps in your team. We can deliver these resources quickly, at very competitive rates, and offer a satisfaction guaranty. Talented Big Data analysts, engineers, scientists, designers, and developers are in short supply. We can help you find them whatever you call them:
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Application Operations Architect
  • Big Data / Data Warehouse Engineer
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Big Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Data Architect / Engineer
  • Data Engineer – Analytics
  • Data engineer/operators
  • Data Integrity Specialist
  • Data Mining Scientist
  • Data scientists
  • Data virtualization/cloud specialists
  • Data Visualization Engineer – Big Data Analytics
  • Data visualizers
  • Principal Engineer, Big Data
  • QA Engineer – Big Data
  • R&D Manager – Big Data Analytics Infrastructure
  • Research Scientist – Predictive Analytics
  • Software Engineer
  • Big Data Development Engineer
  • Big Data Solution Engineer
  • Big Data Solution Engineer
  • Software Engineer, Data Engineering
  • Statistical Programmer Analyst
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Lead – Big Data

Big Data Training

We provide comprehensive training for engineers either near our locations or at your site. When starting out in Big Data many clients find the need to up-skill their current engineers to add to their abilities and master these new open-source or proprietary technologies. Content reflects real-world experience preparing your employees to solve real-world challenges in this new and rapidly evolving field.